“It has been great working with you these past few months for Laughter Yoga at Rosewood Court!  Our residents really enjoyed it.  Laughter Yoga really is the best medicine.   Laughing with a group of people at really nothing is so funny, amusing and uplifting. My face and ab muscles had a great work out too. Taking part in a session even when I was not completely up for the session really made me relaxed to finish out my day on an upbeat note! I had fun watching others have expressions which were funny in itself as they were watching me in the same way. Small group settings worked out great for our community so that residents who did not know their neighbors very well, got to build their relationships a little more thru Laughter Yoga. Thank you Shelley for coming out to our community and introducing our residents to Laughter Yoga, you really inspire people to find the best in each session and to walk away better than when they came into the room!”  From one of our residents before the session:  “I don’t want to go and laugh at nothing. Why would I do that? It sounds uninteresting.” After she gave a session a try “Wow I am very surprised that I was laughing with everyone and I had so much fun with the group! When is the next one? Other people should really it this a try, I’m feeling much better than before I started (emotionally)”

“We recently invited Shelley Bell to share Laughter Yoga with attendees at our 3-day Creative Business Summit. I loved Shelley’s energy, enthusiasm and passion. She helped get people up and moving and laughing after breaks and lunch. These Laughter Yoga breaks were a huge hit with our audience and with me as the facilitator. It was a refreshing option for getting people out of their chairs, moving around the room and connecting with each other in a playful way. It definitely raised the energy of the room and created new connections among participants. I would definitely have Shelley lead Laughter Yoga breaks for future events.” – Dr. Minette Riordan, CEO of the Path to Profit Academy

“Laughter Yoga has changed my life! Thanks to Shelley, I have discovered something that has positively affected my life, and now, I have a new tool to help improve my health and overall well being. The best part is, now I can spread that love and knowledge to others. What a gift! After the first class, well, even before it was over, I knew this was something that had shifted me. She recognized that I was serious about making this happen and because I was heading back to Canada in a short time period, she made the time to teach and certify me as an instructor. It’s the gift that keeps giving. And she is right, “The more you laugh, the more you laugh”. That could not be more true. I find myself laughing sometimes for no apparent reason. HA HA. But what I do know, is that it makes me feel alive. It has taught me not to take myself so seriously and be grateful for the little and large things in my life. Thank you Shelley”

“I loved this group. What a beautiful, generous thing to put together, Shelley. I had a great time. Laughing cleared my mind and refreshed my soul and you are adorable and delightful. Thank you very much.”

“Since I didn’t know anyone, I came with an open heart and a desire to laugh. I laughed so much my face hurt. I’m still smiling and laughing. Thank you, Shelley, for the experience.”

“I came to the meeting feeling stressed and tired and I left feeling calm and energized. It was terrific!”

“I am excited to be a part of this group again!  I am laughing a lot more often without reservations.”

“I loved every moment of “It’s Laughter Yoga” with Shelley Bell. It was a fabulous way to focus on the positive side of life. Laughter is so contagious!”

“This meetup is like going to a health spa for me. It’s a great tune up for the body and spirit. The beautiful sound of each person’s unique laughter coming together as one with the intention of feeling good and sending that energy out into the world connects us with the god or goddess within us. Shelley is empowering us to be healers and, to me, that is a true goddess!”

“Having just returned from this wonderful Laughter Yoga event I feel happier, healthier, and more aligned with my goals to live life to the fullest extent I can and contribute to the greater good. Shelley Bell created a welcoming space for us to meet and laugh and is really great at what she does. I highly recommend this meetup to everyone.”

“I also wanted to let you know I very much enjoyed the MAPS meeting this morning. I was pleasantly surprised by
my laughter yoga experience. You have such a natural presentation and make everyone so comfortable!


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