The Joy Connection Playground

Permission to Play in the Joy Connection Playground

If you think about it, have you been laughing much lately?  Have you been playing?  Have you been joyful and happy?  Have you taken the time for self-care?  Is your bucket list still in the bucket?

This is a self-guided program with the intent for you to laugh daily with me, have guided meditations at your fingertips, great music when you want to get up and dance for a few minutes and daily short musings and prompts to help remind you to travel to  the Joy Connection Playground!   You have my permission and you have given yourself permission.  Connect in a bigger way to the people around you, to the Universe and, most importantly, to the core of who you are!   All this for only $37.00.

One on One Joy Connection Coaching

My clients are pretty happy with life but know that there is something more out there for them.  Maybe they want to change their career to something more meaningful or uplevel what they are doing currently and are open to explore ways to think outside the box to get outside the box.   My coaching style includes laughter and movement as a way to look at life through a different lens to squash those limiting beliefs, develop trust in your intuition and find your superpower.

What is included:

  • Six private coaching sessions over three months
  • The 40 day Permission to Play in the Joy Connection Playground Program
  • 101 Dream Dates E-Book
  • Two additional guided meditations
  • $997.00 for this life-changing opportunity

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